Christina (skullinlove) wrote in thestarjar,

So, yeah. I want to buy star paper. Real star paper.
Problem: I live in Germany. The only stores I know
a) don't ship to Europe
b) ship at horrible prices.
Does anyone know european-friendly stores? XD
Or will cutting Origami paper into strips work out fine? Or is that too thick/thin/whatever?
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Origami paper might work. Just make sure its thinner (so it'll fold better) and long enough. I had a freind who did it and it worked out just fine. My other suggest (if yu havent tried) is ebay. Because they sell star paper.

Im a boy though, Im sure one the girls has a better idea.


June 26 2007, 16:45:56 UTC 9 years ago

So I realize this was posted a long time ago but I will give it a shot.... I usually use scrap book paper which I get at michaels... or the printable star paper that you can find online... hope that helps...